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When fielding inquiries for VENUE at the King’s Centre, we get this question every time. And of course, we’re happy to say almost everything you’ll need for your event. However, we often find ourselves educating potential clients on what to consider when reserving their event facility.

You found a facility for 200 guests for $500?!?! The only question you should ask now is, “What’s included?” My guess is you’re going to hear 8 hours and a blank space and you’ll have to bring in all of your event needs.

OK..so let’s do the math folks…
Event facility= $500
Tables: 25 for guests (8 per table) Cake tables-2, Catering Tables-3, Gift Table-1 Registration/Favor Tables-2 for a total of 32 @ $10 ea= $320
Chairs: Wedding-200 Reception-200 (If you’re doing wedding and reception the number is doubled) 400 @ $2 ea= $800
Linens: 32 (see table breakdown, and I’m using a basic poly price) @ $10 ea= $320
Delivery/Setup(if contracted): In the Tri-Cities delivery will be approx $100 for this size event, and if you’re paying for setup you’re looking at $1 per chair and table so that’s going to be another $432.

AND if you’re event is outside, what about a rain plan? If you’re renting a tent, better tack on around $1500 (an extremely conservative number).

The grand total for just your basic needs (excluding the tent) is $2472 so far. Do you have to supply a group for tear down and cleaning? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard stories where the bride and groom spent their wedding night cleaning up after the party. Something seems wrong with that picture right?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about saving money..but most people don’t realize the amount of rental costs when they consider a shell of a space at a steal price of $500! In the long run, you may end up paying far more than if you rented at an all-inclusive event space.

So when you’re shopping for your wedding reception space, if you hear an amount that sounds too good to be true, better ask..”What’s included?” It might be the difference in saving only a couple of hundred dollars over all, but doing all the work yourself.

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Brandi Woodall

This article was written by Brandi Woodall

As Principle of The Positive Approach Group, Mrs. Woodall directs all business operationsand is the lead contact and designer for all major events contracted by the firm. During her career, she has produced special events and implemented strategic marketing strategies for national corporations, non-profit organizations, and top-level social clients.