Tis the Season for Deals! (Tuesday Tip)

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Just a quick Tuesday Tip from Team Positive Approach! Newly engaged couples will find that the beginning of the year is the best time to get a good deal..especially when you’re looking for a winter wedding date! Why is that you ask?

Well, most event industry participants that are service driven (say Cake Designers, Photogs, DJ’s and Venues) are more likely to hit their “off season”. In our region, we consider our “season” to be April through October. That’s a time frame when we’ll have most every Saturday and quite a few Fridays spoken for. But when the holidays hit, it’s all about parties, which people tend to host more at home and have catered in or in restaurants for a smaller group.

SO, an event vendor’s calendar will have a little..scratch that.. A LOT of flexibility during the winter months. And thus..you get deals when you book between November to March! Want a mid-week wedding and/or reception? EVEN better for a deal! That’s because now, if the weekend after your intended wedding date is available, your provider will be able to potentially have two events in one week!

Take it from Team Positive Approach, don’t wait until you’re a couple months away though, because the time to negotiate and lock that deal in is now to ensure that your date is confirmed and you get a great rate!

Just another tip! Want to talk to us about planning, hosting or toasting at your wedding? Then send us an email to info@positiveapproachgroup.com to schedule a meeting. We’d love to hear more about your wedding ideas and how we can help you!

Brandi Woodall

This article was written by Brandi Woodall

As Principle of The Positive Approach Group, Mrs. Woodall directs all business operationsand is the lead contact and designer for all major events contracted by the firm. During her career, she has produced special events and implemented strategic marketing strategies for national corporations, non-profit organizations, and top-level social clients.