Saying Goodbye

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It’s a day we knew would come, but didn’t prepare emotionally for. I think the last two weeks I’ve stayed super busy just so I can ignore the inevitable. We’re saying goodbye to Katie Bradley this weekend. She gave her notice a month ago, but it’s gone by so fast…too fast. Now her last official day is Saturday, where we’ll work side-by-side on our last event at VENUE.

Don’t misunderstand, she’s leaving for reasons we understand, support, and of course, we’ll always wish her well in whatever ventures come her way. But all that said, we’re sure going to miss her.

Seems like yesterday that I was planning my first wedding which just happened to be at the Johnson City Country Club, at the time Katie was the event coordinator there. We hit it off immediately! Fast forward over 8 years late and she’s the General Manager with The Positive Approach Group, Inc.

It’s been an amazing ride. She’s been there in times when we were so busy we couldn’t see straight, and at times when we struggled to keep it together. But through it all, she persisted and stayed by our sides. And loyalty…let me tell you. I think she’d take a bullet for me, I know she would. As I would for her.

As I type this very public goodbye to my longest tenured employee, I want to openly say that she is more than a worker bee that happens to be a part of our company. Katie is a true friend. We’ve spent holidays together, laughed over drinks, shared in so many great times; from moving offices (twice), cooking more bacon than should ever be allowed, and seeing our company grow, and then being there when my family grew and I stepped away from everything. I could never thank her enough.

She’s been an anchor to me as we’ve navigated the pathways of building this company, and I’m going to miss her…..miss you, Katie as I hope you’ll see this blubbering mess of a blog post. You’ve been my right arm for so long that it’s going to take a while to adjust to getting the feeling back. But I thank you, for the crazy days and long nights. For the insane situations and beautiful moments that we’ve all been blessed to share together.

So with that, we’ll put on our Team PAG badges a couple more days together, give some folks a memorable event..then you and I will hug and part ways. You may not be reporting for duty on Monday, but’ll always be Team PAG in our hearts!

Brandi Woodall

This article was written by Brandi Woodall

As Principle of The Positive Approach Group, Mrs. Woodall directs all business operationsand is the lead contact and designer for all major events contracted by the firm. During her career, she has produced special events and implemented strategic marketing strategies for national corporations, non-profit organizations, and top-level social clients.