Happy Birthday to Us!

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Happy Birthday Positive Approach!

Happy Birthday Positive Approach!


Nine years old..WOW! We’re almost a decade old now. Sometimes what seems like forever ago, really is a blink of the eye. A company that started with a desire to “Do something different” in the region where planners weren’t the norm. Blessed by a husband who recognized his wife’s desire to create, Travis supported me.

I remember sitting in an office with a business owner (graphic designer) and discussing the “business” idea that I had. He was blown away and loved it…but not the company name. I remember him saying, “Positive Approach??? It’s too long..I don’t like it.” To this day we receive compliments on the company name!

I think it’s become more of a philosophy in our company. Always stay positive. I mean, it’s unrealistic to think we don’t get aggravated or worried. We are only human! But we always try to look objectively at a task or situation and find the best solution..the one with the most positive outcome for everyone.

We’ve grown..boy and how! From an in-home office to our first tiny little office in Downtown Johnson City. I loved that office, never wanted to leave it. Moved into a larger suite and eventually ended up working inside VENUE. OH VENUE! About 3 years after working at Positive Approach Events (not group at the time), we had the opportunity to lease the 2nd floor of the King’s Centre.

I used to get the question, “What does an event planner do?” on a regular basis. How ironic that the “light bulb” went off for many people when we announced the opening of VENUE. It was like “OOOOOOOHHHHHH…now we get it!”

Looking back, I’d definitely have to say some of the highlights were:

  • Buy a conference table. Weird that I remember that huh? But it was more about the fact that we had people setting around the table that depended on us. We were officially “owners” of a growing business.
  • Winning Entrepreneur of the Year the first time..I cried like a baby. And  then there was Travis, so stoic and always a pro stepping up to the microphone.
  • Adding On the Rocks Bartenders to our company. We immediately went from a small team to the dirty dozen!
  • Hosting my first holiday dinner for employees. We had employees now..can you believe it?

And now we have so much more to look forward to! The thing about creatives is that we are always dreaming and thrive on creating. And I would say that’s true of The Positive Approach Group, Inc. (yeah..we’ve grown up and area officially a corporation now). We do have dreams, big ones. Ideas that we know will give us opportunities to impact even more lives and share some of the most memorable memories with truly amazing people.

As we celebrate our 9th year, I personally want to say thank you. To the clients who have given us the opportunities to plan/host/toast your events, to our event industry peers who believe in the value of our work and support us, to our children who see Mommy and Daddy working long hours but are proud of us and love what we do, and to the many business owners we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know..you all know who you are and we have so much respect for you.

We sincerely appreciate the last nine years at Positive Approach..and look forward to many more. I guess there’s something to be said about choosing the right company after all!


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Brandi Woodall

This article was written by Brandi Woodall

As Principle of The Positive Approach Group, Mrs. Woodall directs all business operationsand is the lead contact and designer for all major events contracted by the firm. During her career, she has produced special events and implemented strategic marketing strategies for national corporations, non-profit organizations, and top-level social clients.


Samara BollingApril 6, 2016 at 8:44 pmReply

Happy anniversary, Positive Approach! I loved reading this – I’ve been in almost every role possible with you guys! Loved the time we worked together. Loved my wedding. Loved our experience through Pie Wars and AAF! I look forward to continuing to work with you for years to come. 🙂

Brandi Woodall Brandi WoodallApril 6, 2016 at 9:46 pmReply

We have been blessed to have a great team throughout the years. Some have moved on..but you’ll always be Team PAG! XOXO